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Get Connected to (GC SINGLES) Social and Travel - Here you can stay up to date with upcoming events and news within our group. We invite you to join us for an inexpensive dinner and have some Fun, Food & Friendship. Our mission is to reach the Christian people on the Gold Coast and provide a friendly atmosphere where new friendships can develop, just "Doing Life Together" . Please check out our Events Tab for all the latest functions that we are doing.

Then: Email us and ask to be included in our email mailout for future events. Please give us your name, mobile number, preferred email address and the suburb you live in. All this information is for our records only.


We look forward to meeting you at an event real soon. Please come 10 mins early and Txt or phone So we can look out for you at your first event .

Check out or Facebook Page. Blessings from Steve Newey and the team.


I highly recommend to purchase a copy of Elaine's book "Sensationally Single" under the Resources Tab.

Sensationally Single is a book on how to do life and to enjoy the journey. God has mapped out specific people for you to spend your life with. So find them and seek them out. God wants you to connect with them and Him to do life together.








Steve Newey

Leader Founder

Fun Days on the Cruise

16/08/2013 00:21

Sail on- Keep on Course

Keep on Course We are on a Cruise to 3 destinations; the Course has been set we are in the Hands of the Captain. We hope for fine sailing and clear skies for this week away from the pressures of life Many of us will go back next week to our Jobs and Homes feeling Refreshed but be assured...


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